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Joint PAN/AMO Physics Seminar

Monday, October 18, 2010
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Storrs Campus
Gant Science Complex P-121

Prof. George Rawitscher, of the Physics Department, at UConn, will present,"Vibrating Strings, a Little Quantum Mechanics, and Sturmian Functions.” One purpose of this talk is to describe a "spectral" method to solve integral equations, developed by Israel Koltracht and myself some years ago. This approach provides an alternative to solving differential equations by the usual finite difference methods. Applications will be to finding the vibration frequencies of an inhomogeneous clamped string; to solving the Schroedinger equation for partial waves for both scattering and bound state situations; and for providing an iterative method for solving integral equations that have a very complicated integral kernel. The latter method is based on the fact that solutions of a Sturm-Liouville equation form a complete discrete set. The numerical errors in each of these applications will be analysed.

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