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CCAM Seminar Series - Karr

Thursday, April 20, 2017
12:00pm – 1:00pm

UConn Health
CGSB, CCAM Conference Room, R1673, 400 Farmington Ave

CCAM Seminar Series Speaker: Jonathan Karr, Ph.,D, The Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Title: "Toward comprehensive whole-cell models" Abstract: "A central challenge in biology is to understand how genotype influences phenotype. Despite decades of research, we still cannot predict how genotype influences phenotype. Physics-based computational models which represent entire cells are needed to predict phenotype from genotype. Recently, we developed the first physics-based whole-cell (WC) computational model by combining 28 pathway submodels. We have used the model to gain novel insights into cell cycle regulation, determine kinetic rates, analyze the costs of synthetic circuits, and reposition antibiotics. Despite this progress, the model only represents the smallest known genome, omits several pathways, and mispredicts several phenotypes. Furthermore, it took over ten person-years to construct the model, it takes over one day to simulate the model, and the model is difficult to understand and reuse. We are developing several methods and software tools to systemize, automate, and scale WC modeling. We are also using these tools to build radically more complex WC models of larger bacteria and human cells. Looking forward, we believe that whole-cell models have the potential to help bioengineers reliably design cells and help physicians interpret personal `omics profiles and tailor therapy to individuals."


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