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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

  1. All Day
    1. How Has Racism Affected Your Life?
    2. Pharmacy: Where We're From
    3. The Diversity Bookshelf: The Story of Race in Books
  2. 9am
    1. Initiative on Campus Dialogues “Office Hours”
    2. Line of Inequity
  3. 10am
    1. Breaking through the 4th Wall: Examining Racial Stereotypes
    2. Who Are the Trolls Really Trolling?
    3. Why We Teach: Workshop on Using African American Literature
  4. 10:30am
    1. Antifascism and Everyday Life
    2. Creation of an Inclusive Environment conductive to Excellenc
    3. Embracing Identities
  5. 11am
    1. Reflections on Implicit Bias
  6. 11:30am
    1. HACHA
  7. 12pm
    1. Healing From Racism
    2. Leaf a Mark
    3. Lect: Same-Sex Acts & Origins of a Nat'l Security State
    4. You Should…Confront Racism in the Digital Realm: A Teach-In
  8. 1pm
    1. White Mythmaking and the Middle Ages
  9. 1:30pm
    1. Dissolving Ignorance: Art Overcoming Adversity
  10. 2pm
    1. Puerto Rican Citizenship Archives Project Launch Event & Pre
    2. Strategies for Addressing Discrimination and Promoting Human
    3. Taking a Knee, Raising a Fist: Race, Sport and Politics in H
  11. 4pm
    1. Denial: Film Screening and Discussion
    2. Human Rights Film Series
    3. Teaching and Race in the Classroom
    4. Transforming Racism Art Exhibition
    5. Venus (1996): Staged Reading and Talk Back
  12. 5pm
    1. BaFá BaFá Multicultural Simulation Event
    2. Confronting Citizenship's Exclusions: Boricua and unDACAment
    3. Pre-Talk Reception with Shireen Ahmed
    4. Reading the World Around Us: Racism in Media
  13. 5:30pm
    1. NACP Book Club
    2. Racism at UConn and Beyond: Encounters, Reflections, and Res
  14. 6pm
    1. As I Am discussion group
  15. 6:30pm
    1. Beyond the Field Speaker Series
  16. 7pm
    1. Confronting Racism Together: A Model Dialogue
  17. 7:30pm
    1. White Like Me Film Screening and Discussion
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