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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

  1. All Day
    1. Come Ride with Us: UConn Summer Horseback Riding Registration Open
    2. ISSS Hartford Closed
    3. UConn May & Summer Session Enrollment
    4. We Are Hiring
  2. 9am
    1. UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Webinar
  3. 9:15am
    1. Social Entrepreneur Presentations
  4. 9:30am
    1. Regional Screening Conference
  5. 11am
    1. Algebra Seminar<BR>Cohen-Lenstra heuristics and counting number fields<BR>Jack Klys (University of Calgary)
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Erik Nykwest
  6. 11:15am
    1. USG Cabinet Meetings
  7. 12pm
    1. CRC Seminar Series
  8. 12:15pm
    1. Clinical Affairs Subcommittee Monthly Credentials Meeting
  9. 12:30pm
    1. How to Be Successful in Your Career
    2. HRI Lunchtime Seminar, Sarah Winter
  10. 1pm
    1. BUSN Career Tuesdays - FDIC & Paycom
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Alicia Pike
    3. Job Searching Webinar
    4. Pruning Hydrangeas: Let's Do It Right!
  11. 1:15pm
    1. The Origins of the Supreme Court, and Chief Justice John Roberts
  12. 2pm
    1. Analysis and Probability Seminar<BR>Translation invariant operators in $$L^p$$<BR>Piotr Hajlasz (University of Pittsburgh)
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense of Andrew G. Meguerdichian
    3. Hus-Keys A Cappella Rehearsal
    4. ISSS Visiting Scholar Check-In
    5. Pre-Completion Practical Training (CPT+Pre-OPT)
  13. 3pm
    1. Petrus Liu: Queer Theory in China
  14. 3:30pm
    1. MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Alex Paradez
    2. POLS Internship Open House
  15. 4pm
    1. President's Series on Teaching Excellence
    2. Strategies for Deeper Learning Workshop, AKA Study Skills
  16. 5pm
    1. Dissertation Defense: Marina Vracevic, M.A.
  17. 6pm
    1. Aetna Celebration of Creative Nonfiction
    2. From Street Patrols to Police Pacification Unit Raids: Ferguson, Favelas, and a Comparative Look at Policing in Brazil and the United States
  18. 7pm
    1. AAHO - Jose Antonio Vargas
    2. UConn Choirs: Vox feminae et cantus amoris - Waterbury
  19. 7:30pm
    1. Istaván Várdai Cello- The Music of J.S. Bach
  20. 8pm
    1. UConn Jazz Combos: Celebrating Art Blakey
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