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Sun, Sep 19 2021Mon, Sep 20 2021Tue, Sep 21 2021Wed, Sep 22 2021Thu, Sep 23 2021Fri, Sep 24 2021Sat, Sep 25 2021
  1. 12:15pm
    1. PoliSci Chats: Matthew Leep, Cosmopolitan Belongingness And War: Animals, Loss, And Spectral-Poetic Moments
  1. 2:30pm
    1. ECOM Spotlight Series: Jenelle Salisbury
  1. 3:30pm
    1. MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Michael Kienzler
  1. 9:30am
    1. Writing the NSF GRFP Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals Statement
  1. 12pm
    1. Confronting History: The Legacy Of Alexander von Humboldt's Encounter With The Americas In The Twenty First Century
  1. 12:15pm
    1. Brown Bag: Ahmad Jabbar, "Relatavizing Relativism"
  1. 3:30pm
    1. Psychology Colloquium: CETL Teaching Forum
  1. 4pm
    1. PNB Seminar Series Dr. David Martinelli
    2. PRESENTACIÓN DEL LIBRO: Colonial Migrants At The Heart Of Empire Puerto Rican Workers On US Farms
  1. 12pm
    1. Youth Car Theft In CT: Trends & Steps To Improve Public Safety
  1. 1:30pm
    1. Writing The NSF GRFP "Personal, Relevant Background And Future Goals Statement" Session
  1. 3:30pm
    1. EEB Seminar: Chris Simon (UConn EEB)
    2. Graduate Student Seminar: Ann Mureithi, University Of Connecticut
    3. Mathematics Colloquium
      Gauss's Class Number Problem
      Ken Ono (University Of Virginia)
  1. 4pm
    1. From Afghanistan To Connecticut: Afghan Perspectives On Forced Migration
  1. 7pm
    1. Virtual Puppet Forum: “Animating Memories Of Japanese American Incarceration” With Kimi Maeda And Hana Maruyama
  1. 11am
    1. Marine Sciences Seminar: Justin Liefer
  1. 12:15pm
    1. Graduate Student Seminar
    2. PSLA Seminar--
  1. 3pm
    1. Algebra Seminar
      Fundamental Identity For Theta Derivatives With Rational Characteristics
      Julia Bernatska (University Of Connecticut)
  1. 3:30pm
    1. Pollack Distinguished Lecture (Professor Michael Tarbutt)
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