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CCAM/CQM Joint Seminar

Friday, February 27, 2015
12:00pm – 1:00pm

UConn Health
CGSB, 400 Farmington Ave, Demo Room, R1401

CCAM/CQM Joint Seminar Speaker: Maryann Hohn Title: A PDE Model of RNA Interactions Abstract: Studies of non-coding macromolecules such as microRNA (miRNA) have found that these macromolecules can regulate developmental events through certain interactions with messenger RNA (mRNA). By binding to specific sites on a strand of mRNA, miRNA may cause a gene to be activated or suppressed, turning a gene “on" or “off." To better understand these interactions, a mathematical model was developed that consists of a system of coupled partial differential equations describing mRNA and miRNA interactions across cells and tissue. In this talk, we will discuss the mathematical models created and the numerical methods used to solve these equations.


Tiffany Gough,

Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (primary)

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