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Academic Honesty, Cheating, Plagiarism, and SafeAssign

Monday, March 30, 2015
11:15am – 1:10pm

Storrs Campus
ROWE, Rm 320

As college instructors we do not want to create an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion in our classrooms. But, on the other hand, we don’t want to be naïve about questions around academic integrity, honesty, and cheating. In this workshop we will talk about finding that right balance, to let our students know that we know why and how some students cheat, and what we can do to minimize the risk and create a positive learning environment. We will show the open use of SafeAssign, HuskyCT’s originality – checking software.

Goal The goal of the workshop is to help instructors find the right balance in the classroom between letting our students know that we are savvy about academic dishonesty—- without negatively impacting the atmosphere of learning. Prework Please read the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. November 17, 2014 Think Students in Your Class Might Be Cheating? Here’s What to Do By Beckie Supiano Avery Point Campus

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