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Mass Extinction

Saturday, April 11, 2015
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Storrs Campus
Museum of Natural History

The Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UConn, presents “Mass Extinction,” a lecture by Dr. Andrew Bush, UConn Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The lecture will be held at the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History on the UConn Storrs Campus, Saturday, April 11 at 3 pm.

In the past half billion years, numerous mass extinction events have perturbed the Earth’s ecosystems, eliminating many species of plants and animals in a geologically short period of time. The causes of some extinction events are fairly well understood; for example, most paleontologists agree that an asteroid impact 65 million years ago killed off the dinosaurs. The causes of other mass extinctions, like those in the Devonian Period (about 375 million years ago), remain more mysterious. Learn about research techniques that are being used to uncover the mysteries of the Devonian extinction and find out what past mass extinctions can tell us about extinction on the modern Earth.

This program is free and advanced registration is not required. To contact the Museum, visit or call 860-486-4460.


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