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This Earthly Paradise Opening Day

Monday, September 28, 2015
9:00am – 7:00pm

Stamford Campus
Art Gallery

Opening Day

Art exhibition will run from Sept. 28 through October 29, 2015.

Featuring the co-exhibitor works of Tanya Chaly & Rebecca Reeve.

The UConn Stamford Art Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit of art works by New York City artists Tanya Chaly and Rebecca Reeve.

Chaly focuses on natural history and the history of scientific enquiry from Victorian times to present, how modes of classification and organization of species, documentation and display, all inform our understanding, and how our understanding of pathologies, diseases, viruses and parasites blur the concepts of the natural and unnatural, the normal and abnormal. In contrast with Reeve’s interest in the significance of the pristine state of an ecosystem and humankind’s interaction with it on a social level, set in the context of social and geopolitical forces.

Both Reeve and Chaly are interested in the symbiosis of place and people. Reeve’s work specifically looks at how the Cuban landscape shapes the local people, their lifestyle and connection to the land, without ignoring that these delicate balances are ultimately subject to broader external forces. Chaly’s is an exploration of the human relationship to the natural world as scientific observer tied with an awareness of our impact and interrelationship with other species on an often less visible scale. “This Earthly Paradise” examines humankind’s constantly shifting relationship to the biosphere. Even as the natural world continually navigates towards equilibria despite humanity’s overwhelming impact, we are reminded of the need for a healthy balance between the expansion of civilization and the preservation of a diverse ecosphere, reminded that our knowledge and understanding of the natural world is partial and in continual evolution, and reminded that the biological world is driven by a multitude of processes that we are mostly unaware of and that are largely out of our control.


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