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CCAM Seminar Series - Jaffe

Thursday, November 12, 2015
4:00pm – 5:00pm

UConn Health
CCAM Confeence Room, R1673, 400 Farmington, Ave

CCAM Seminar Series Speaker: Laurinda Jaffe, Professor and Chair Department of Cell Biology, UConn Health Title: "Intercellular signaling via cyclic GMP diffusion through gap junctions restarts meiosis in ovarian follicles" Follicles are complexes of ~10 layers of cells that surround oocytes in the ovary. They are the site of the hormonal signaling that restarts the oocyte's meiotic cell cycle in preparation for fertilization. This talk will describe the fail-safe signaling mechanisms that ensure this essential event. Host: Leslie Loew


Tiffany Gough,

Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (primary)

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