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Strategies and Approaches for Second Language Writers

Monday, October 5, 2015
12:15pm – 1:15pm

Avery Point Campus
ACD 314

In order to prepare instructors on all levels, graduate students and adjuncts, to meet the increasing number of second language writers in First-Year Writing seminars (ENGL 1003, 1004, and 1010/11), I invite all of you to a two hour workshop on Second Language Writing. While I will not be able to provide you with a “quick fix” or introduce you to the “secret” on how to work with Second Language Writers, I would like to discuss with you strategies and approaches that may be useful in your interactions with this student population. As this is a condensed version of a workshop series in progress at the Storrs Campus, I will primarily focus on two aspects of SLW instruction: 1. “How do we fix this/them?” We will think about Second Language Writers and our often preconceived notion that we need to “fix” the student and their English. Summarized as “meeting the students where they are,” we will discuss and think about “what is it like / what does it mean to be a second language writer?” 2. “The writing process and process writing.” How to create an assignment for SLW student and have students successfully write about a text. How can I explain an assignment to SLWs? Strategies on how to make yourself understood in the classroom and how to avoid “stories from China?” As both of these topics are closely linked to aspects of how to create “safe spaces” and the question of grammar teaching, I anticipate that we will include them in our discussion, but they will not be formal points to be addressed. As I assume you all are busy with your classes, I do not want to burden you with too much reading material, but I would like to invite you to have a look at an article which I found very useful in my own understanding as a teacher of SLW courses. This article by Silva “On the Ethical Treatment of ELS Writers” (attached) raises several interesting and important points to think and talk about.


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