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Incomplete Grades Deadline

Monday, September 18, 2017
12:00am – 11:59pm

Storrs Campus
Wilbur Cross

This is the last day for Undergraduate students to make up Incomplete or Abcense grades.

"The instructor reports an 'I' if the completed work is passing and the instructor decides that, due to unusual circumstances, the student cannot complete the course assignments. If the student completes the work by the end of the third week of the next semester, the instructor will send the Registrar a grade for the course. Otherwise, the Registrar will convert the 'I' to I F. Effective with spring 2004 classes, upon successful completion of a course, the I on the academic record is replaced by the permanent letter grade. If the instructor does not submit a grade the Registrar will change the grade to I F or I U." (Information from the Undergraduate Catalog)

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Contact:, (860) 486-3331

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