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Sub· struc· ture Opening Day

Monday, July 24, 2017
9:00am – 5:00pm

Stamford Campus
Art Gallery

The UConn Stamford Art Gallery Board announces its latest exhibit entitled "Sub· struc· ture" by co-exhibiting artists Lisie S. Orjuela and Caryn Azoff.

Show runs July 24 - August 31

All the work presented in this exhibition has an underlying structure over which the rest of the work is built. While Azoff utilizes the grid and Orjuela employs floor plans and architectural elements, they both use these as supportive framework and launching place for the creative process.

Orjuela’s paintings have been developed over a substructure created from floor plans, predominantly using the layout of the pillars. The floor plans were inspired by churches and chapels that were visually appealing to her. Examples of the floor plans used are: San Vitale of Ravenna, San Miniato al Monte of Florence, Hagia Sofia of Istanbul, San Biagio from Montepulciano, and the Cathedral of Florence. Woven over each foundation, the rest of the painting evolved, leaving only small traces of the floor plan in the finished piece. In each painting of this series she visually explored the paramis (or virtues) without the constraint and exclusion of particular religions. The point of departure for each painting was as follows: truthfulness, resolve, loving-kindness, equanimity, wisdom, integrity, generosity, renunciation, energy, patience. Orjuela’s works on parchment, like a hawk, utilize a very different sort of substructure, the textures of brick, stone, and wood, as a backdrop and juxtaposition with the image of a hawk.

Azoff’s paintings/works on paper begin with a hand drawn grid structure. From here, the shapes and colors intuitively inform the work. Mediums include colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, and flashe/acylic paint. The simple geometric forms encompass each page, working in an 6 x 6” or an 8 x 8” using the work to form a grid presentation on the wall. Inspiration of color and form come from illuminated text and Bauhaus influrence.


Gary Faulkner, 203-251-8450,

UConn Stamford Art Gallery (primary), Stamford Campus

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