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SEWing Circle - Charlie Crerar(Sheffield)

Thursday, September 14, 2017
11:00am – 12:30pm

Storrs Campus
Babbidge Library 4/209

Sponsored by the Humanities Institute and the Public Discourse Project, the SEWing Circle Working Group is a place where researchers present current work on topics in and around social epistemology.

This week's speaker is Charlie Crear (Sheffield), presenting "Intellectual Snobs".


In this paper I analyse a character that will be familiar to many of us: the intellectual snob. I argue that intellectual snobbery is an intellectual vice, not merely an ethical vice that takes an intellectual object. Specifically, it is a corruption of the capacity to make intellectual evaluations, in which evaluations are made not on the basis of an object's intellectual merits but on an unjustified appeal to its intellectual status. Whilst all intellectual snobs share a disposition to make such evaluations, I claim that there are, in fact, two distinct forms of intellectual snobbery, which share this unifying feature but diverge in their psychological profiles. I end by considering some implications this account has for our study of intellectual vices more generally.

Participation by invitation only.


Teresa Allen,

Humanities Institute (primary), Philosophy Department, UConn Master Calendar

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