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BOT Distinguished Professor Lecture: Patrick Hogan

Monday, October 16, 2017
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Storrs Campus
Oak Hall, Room 408

Generative Principles of Story Style: Shakespeare and the Integration of Genres

By: Patrick Colm Hogan, 2017 Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of English, Cognitive Science, and Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

Authors have their own characteristic ways of developing stories, which constitute their story style. One important kind of story development involves the mixing of genres.

Style is a distinctive pattern that has a particular scope (as in an author’s style or the style of a literary school) and level of application (as in verbal style or the style of story construction). Such a pattern derives from partially interrelated, generative principles. Perhaps the most useful account of literary genre begins with cross-cultural story structures—romantic, heroic, sacrificial, and so on. These structures are defined by the protagonist’s goals, the emotion systems that establish those goals, and procedures for intensifying the emotional impact of the story trajectory.

The production of individual works may be understood as resulting from the application of development principles to general structures, including genres. The extensive integration of genres is a striking, stylistic feature of many of Shakespeare’s works. It manifests and illustrates the preceding points about style, genre, and development.


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