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InCHIP Intervention Workshop: David Sherman

Thursday, February 15, 2018
2:30pm – 3:30pm

Storrs Campus
J. Ray Ryan Building

"Using Affirmation to Improve the Efficacy of Health Promotion Interventions"

David Sherman, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara

***Workshop Description*** In this workshop, I will review self-affirmation theory and discuss conditions where self-affirming activities, such as writing about values, can promote positive health outcomes. Key outcomes include increased acceptance of health-relevant information, more healthful intentions and behaviors, and stress reduction (for reviews see Cohen & Sherman, 2014; Epton & Harris, 2009, 2010; for meta-analyses see Sweeney & Moyer, 2015; Epton, Harris, Kane, van Koningsbruggen, & Sheeran, 2015). I will describe a variety of self-affirmation implementations that have been used in different lab and field settings. Self-affirmation studies have been conducted in contexts such as hospitals and medical clinics, on cigarette labels and as part of health brochures, via the internet, and while undergoing fMRI. Key issues to be addressed include how to determine whether affirmation is appropriate to incorporate as part of a health intervention program and how to tailor an affirmation for different research contexts and samples.


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