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Reading the World Around Us: Racism in Media

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
5:00pm – 6:30pm

Storrs Campus
Gentry 144

Media is one of the most prominent cultural forces in our society. News outlets, music, and television advertisements both deliberately and subliminally shape the way we think and they significantly inform our perceptions. In this workshop, we will explore the presence of racism across these three media realms. The language, traditions, and images presented in these realms have the power to perpetuate racial inequality. In synthesizing these ideas, workshop participants and presenters will develop a set of tools and approaches to reading the world around them in a critical way (Freire, 1970). At the conclusion of the presentations, we will discuss how to apply these critical lenses in our everyday lives. Whether in a classroom, workplace, or Facebook, we will develop tools to use in these settings to address racial biases. Participants will leave the event with a more comprehensive understanding and awareness of how these biases affect our lives and how to address them with others.

Intended audience: K-12 Educators, Educational Leaders, College Students Interested in Education

Organized by students of EDCI 5875, Owen Bologna, Emma Chassagnoux, Jun Cho, Sarah Gelb, Victoria Ioppolo, Michael Mallery, Robin Patrick, Stephany Santos, Rex Sturdevant, Angela Weng, Jamie Wisset, Brett Wojtkowski


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