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Dissolving Ignorance: Art Overcoming Adversity

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
1:30pm – 3:00pm

Storrs Campus
Wilbur Cross North Reading Room

Our goal is, as a class, to break the barriers of racial ignorance through showcasing some arts and showing how art has the potential to unite people across differences. Our presentation is interactive and is meant to be a multi-party discussion to get the audience thinking. As a class, we have been studying the art of “Hamilton: the musical” in connection to theories of art. Hamilton’s story, as an immigrant, and the way in which we experienced his story being told through music and dance, influenced us to participate. We will connect our art to our feelings and experiences of race at UConn for those who will listen. Our piece will be a call to arms in a sense, because we find it important that we not only inspire our audience to listen but inspire them do something. Each student has a different form of art allotted to 15-20 mins each. Caesar will present about the growing diversity in hip hop music and how it dissolves the barrier of race through rhythm. Tova will share a drawing/painting in which she’ll relate her visual art to the philosophy of racial interactions. Kafayat will do a dance which she will emphasize that dance (like UConn) isn’t about the color but the shape and form. She'll teach the audience some traditional Nigerian moves. Almeena will perform a spoken word piece in which she explains immigration through the eyes of Alexander Hamilton and how that principle carries into everyone being immigrants to UConn and how we can make the experience a pleasant and inviting one for all involved. We together will tie it up at the end and encourage students on how we as a university can change social parameters to include everyone. This will be our drive home point -- to inspire people to see something and take action towards it.

Organized by the Students of PHIL 2205 Caesar Valentin, Kafayat Mimiko, Tova Benson-Tilsen, Almeena Shaikh


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