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Transforming Racism Art Exhibition

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
4:00pm – 6:30pm

Storrs Campus
Next Gen Maker Space

Participants will draw, sketch, paint or otherwise artistically express what racism looks like to them. After creating individual visual expressions of racism participants will form small groups (4-6) to discuss their representations under established ground rules of respectful dialogue. This dialogue should foster productive communication, awareness, and understanding of unique perceptions of, and experiences with, racism. Groups will disperse and individuals will be asked to transform their visual representation of racism. This may be done on a second canvas, or through layering mediums on one canvas. The artist has creative license over the transformation. Individuals again rejoin groups to discuss representations of transformation. How do we transform racism as an individual, and as a community? What is the real-life practical application of our artistic transformations? (Answers may include: educate, engage, speak out, act.) All participants convene in one large group to share their experience, lessons learned, and reflections. Information, in the form of printed hand-outs from the United Nations campaign: More than Meets the Eye - Let’s Fight Racism!, will be available for those who are interested in additional resources.

Artistic expression itself is therapeutic. Initiating dialogue on such a complicated issue as racism through a fun, reflective, creative exercise creates safe space for community building and fostering understanding across differences.

Organized by Stephanie Beron, Graduate Student, Department of Public Policy


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