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Forest Pests: Emerald Ash Borer and more

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
10:00am – 12:00pm

Forest Pests: Emerald Ash Borer and more

Residents of eastern Connecticut have become accustomed to seeing dead trees being removed from roadsides due to the emerald ash borer. Homeowners are weighing the costs of removal vs. treatment of their ash trees. The insect is confirmed in every county in the state. Thousands more trees will die in the years ahead. In this class, we will review the history of this insect in Connecticut and provide information for future decisions. In addition, we'll learn more about other exotic insects that threaten our forests and home sites such as the Asian longhorn beetle and the southern pine bark beetle. Loss of our native trees affects us in many ways beyond the immediate costs and safety concerns; our woodlands are our part of our cultural heritage. Up-to-date materials for public education will be available for Master Gardener offices and outreach.


John LoRusso

Extension (primary), CAHNR Academic Programs, College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, UConn Master Calendar

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