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PhD Defense

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
2:30pm – 4:30pm

Storrs Campus

Jonathan Hudson, Physics Department, University of Connecticut

D-terms in Bosonic and Fermionic Systems

The D-term is a fundamental particle property which is defined through the matrix elements of the energy-momentum tensor and as such in principle on equal footing with mass and spin. Yet the D-term is experimentally not known for any particle. In this thesis the D-terms of bosons and fermions are studied. It is shown that the D-term of a spin-0 boson is D = -1in free theory. This value is modified by even infinitesimally small interactions in Φ^4 theory. This shows how sensitive the D-term is to the dynamics of the theory. It is shown that the property D = -1 is preserved when the boson is not point-like but given a finite size. The situation is fundamentally different for a spin 1/2 fermion, where the D-term vanishes in the free field case. On the example of the bag model it is shown how a fermionic D-term can be generated by interactions.


Prof. P. Schweitzer

Physics Department (primary)

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