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Lecture: Artivism, Queer Memory, and Identity in Peru

Thursday, October 4, 2018
12:30pm – 1:45pm

Storrs Campus
Rainbow Center; Student Union 403

This lecture presentation honors Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – October 15.

The Out to Lunch Gender, Sexuality, and Community is a weekly academic lecture and discussion series with guest scholars and community activists from various disciplines examining a variety of topics related to gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. Each semester offers a broad sampling of the areas.

Today's lecture is entitled, "Queering Testimony: Artivism, Queer Memory, and Identity in Peru" and it will be presented by Cynthia Melédez (she/hers/hers).

Synopsis: In this talk, Melédez will discuss the construction of memory in post-terrorism Peru. Specifically, her research focuses on the work of LGBTIQ artivists who use the arts to “queer the archive” of national memory, inclusion, and justice. Looking at two theater plays and other objects created by collectives and individual artists, she will explore how these activists use testimony inside their performances to construct queer identity and address the political necessities of LGBTIQ people within the larger social context of Peru. Moreover, she will consider how these pieces can point to further possibilities regarding our theorizing of queerness, and memory.

Biography: Cynthia Meléndez is currently pursuing a PhD in Literatures, Cultures and Languages at University of Connecticut. Prior to this work, Cynthia earned a Master in Arts in Latin American Studies and a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography. She uses these mediums to explore issues of gender, race, place, space, identity and belonging. A native of Peru, Cynthia attended Pontifical Catholic University of Peru where she earned a bachelors degree in Hispanic Literature in addition to engaging in performing arts and gaining a professional certificate of Photography. Her latest research focuses on LGBTIQ Peruvian identity, space, and artivism in social justice work.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunches


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