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Physics Colloquium (Professor Stephen Pate, NMSU)

Friday, March 8, 2019
3:30pm – 4:30pm

Storrs Campus

Prof. Stephen Pate, New Mexico State University

Exploring the Axial Structure of the Nucleon

Modern electron-scattering facilities, such as CEBAF at Jefferson Lab and MAMI at Mainz, have made possible a deep exploration of the electric and magnetic distributions in the nucleon, via measurement of the so-called "vector form factors" accessible via elastic electron scattering experiments. Our knowledge of the "axial form factor", on the other hand, has lagged behind because this sector, related to angular momentum, is suppressed in electron scattering and is more easily explored in elastic and quasi-elastic neutrino scattering. Of particular interest is the isolation of the strange quark contribution to the nucleon axial form factor, as this is related to the strange quark contribution to the nucleon spin, a quantity which has so far resisted a definitive determination. The MicroBooNE experiment at Fermilab is uniquely suited to explore the axial form factor through both neutral-current and charge-current neutrino interactions. I'll present an overview of the general MicroBooNE physics program and an in-depth look at our current status with respect to the axial form factor determination.


Prof. Alan Wuosmaa

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