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Coastal Perspectives Lecture

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
7:30pm – 8:30pm

Avery Point Campus
Auditorium, 2nd fl Acad bldg

“From Pacific Outposts to Biological Hotspots: Ocean History in the Age of Climate Change”

By Anthony Medrano, Harvard University Center for the Environment/Department of History, Harvard University Anthony Medrano is a Ziff Environmental Fellow at Harvard University, where he has affiliations with the Department of History and the Center for the Environment. In his research and book in progress, Dr. Medrano explores the interplay between science, technology, and the marine environment in Southeast Asia and the Pacific in the long twentieth century, with particular interest in the history of economic life and knowledge production. This presentation uses the career of Alvin Seale (1871-1958) to show how the overlooked study of fish was central to bringing the ocean ashore and knowing—up close—the wealth and wonders of the Pacific environment. Through Seale’s currents in and around this great ocean, the talk suggests that today’s national marine monuments not only stem from the historical interplay between fish, science, and infrastructure but that the legacy of these interactions is also, and more importantly, at the heart of knowing these Pacific waters and the threats they face in the age of climate change.


Avery Point Campus (primary), Maritime Studies, SeaGrant

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