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Graduate Student Seminar

Friday, March 8, 2019
12:15pm – 1:15pm

Storrs Campus

Prof. Robin Cote, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut

AMO Theory at UConn: Ultracold Physics

Whenever a new window of parameters open up in Science, new discoveries follow. Examples range from ultrafast physics with atto-second lasers probing the time scale of electrons' motion, or the Kepler space telescope which allows the discovery of thousands of exo-planets. Another such new regime arises from ultracold temperatures, where the slow motion of particles allow to probe new behaviors, such as Bose-Einstein condensation of atoms or molecules, degenerate Fermi gases, and much more. In this presentation, I will introduce what ultracold AMO physics is, and describe the current research in my group on ultracold Rydberg physics and ultracold chemistry, and their applications to quantum information science and astrophysics.


Prof. V. Kharchenko

Physics Department (primary)

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