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Diversity in the Judiciary: a Panel Discussion with Judges

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
5:30pm – 7:30pm

Law School
Reading Room William F. Starr Hall

This is an event that consists of two parts: the first being a banquet-style dinner in which students, faculty, alumni and panelists can converse and exchange ideas over a three-course meal provided by UCONN Catering. The second portion of the event is a panel moderated by Professor Mathilde Cohen, featuring three panelists: Justice Maria Kahn, Judge Hunchu Kwak, and Justice Raheem Mullins. The panel discussion will touch upon themes of the origins of the concept of diversity, historical controversies surrounding it, and the challenges of applying diversity onto the judicial field. There will be Q&A from the audience towards the end of the panel discussion. This event is co-sponsored by APALSA. Dinner will be served.

Speakers will include:

[Moderator] Mathilde Cohen, Professor of Law. Justice Maria Kahn, Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. Judge Hunchu Kwak, Judge of the Hartford District Superior Court. Justice Raheem Mullins, Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. UConn Law is pleased to host this event as part of the 8th Annual UConn Law Diversity Week. Information on UConn Law Diversity Week and the entire schedule of events can be accessed on the UConn Law Diversity Week page.


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