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Podcast and audio assignments

Friday, September 13, 2019
2:30pm – 3:45pm

Storrs Campus
ROWE 319

Students who are reticent to speak in whole-class discussions may display remarkable eloquence and engagement through other kinds of assignments requiring oral communication. In this teaching talk we will explore how assigning students to compose podcasts or other kinds of audio-recordings can: • encourage creativity, participation, and listening; • help scaffold the development of discussion skills; and • increase engagement with course material. We think of podcasts as a series of conversations or reflections on a particular topic or theme. The genre includes a range of approaches. But generally they are informal in tone and don't necessarily require high production values. The term "podcast" might describe a one-off audio assignment, or a series of them. Participants are encouraged to find the recording function on their mobile devices, download a recording app, or bring a laptop with Audacity software (free, open source) downloaded. Consider registering for the companion workshop, “Crafting dialogue and discussion questions,” right before this one!

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