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Interview of Roland Tec, filmmaker and son of Holocaust survivor and scholar Dr. Nechama Tec

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
5:30pm – 6:30pm

Stamford Campus
A1-Main Auditorium

Interviewed by Dr. Fred Roden & Dr. Joel Blatt, Roland Tec will provide perspective on his mother's work as a scholar as well as survivor of the Holocaust: from her experience as a hidden child in Poland to her evolution as a specialist in such subjects as why and how individuals practice "altruism" (and what that means); the range of forms of resistance to totalitarian regimes, and the intersectional factors including gender, religion, and other categories of identities. Tec will also speak to his own experience as a social justice filmmaker shaped by his mother's legacy

This is an Honors event. Categories: Multiculturalism & Global Citizenship OR Social Change, Service, & Sustainability



Fred Roden,

Honors Program (primary), Judaic Studies

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