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NCORE Webinar Series: Woke Olympics and Social Justice Arrogance

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Storrs Campus
SU - Women’s Center Program Room

Presenter: Rev. Jamie Washington, Ph.D. | President, Washington Consulting Group (WCG) | President & Co-Founder, Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI)

Closed captioning provided.

“You are speaking out of your White Privilege.” “If you were non-binary, you would understand why pronouns matter.” “This entire training is based on heteronormative assumptions.” “We don’t have anyone on this team qualified to assess how our entire operation is based on racist and colonized frameworks.” Have you been in the room when comments like these have been made? Have you felt shut down or at a loss for how to address and deal with the weaponization of social justice knowing? This session is designed to create a space for real conversation about how the “Woke Olympics” are contributing to the challenge of creating learning campus environments and impacting the ability to move to more diverse, equitable and inclusive campuses. The session will provide key concepts and foundational frameworks for navigating these important and prevalent dynamics impacting DEI efforts in 2019.


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