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NCORE Webinar Series: When the ### hits the fan: Reactionary Programming Toolkit

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Storrs Campus
Class of 1947 Conference Room [HBL, Plaza level]

Presenters: Monica M. Johnson, Ph.D., Rory Gregg James, and Brian Richardson | Indiana University, Bloomington

Annually, higher education professionals and student leaders approach the upcoming academic year with grand plans for timely programming and community engagement. These plans are often disrupted and “trumped” by a series of unexpected and ever unfortunate occurrences. Whether we find our communities facing the planned invasion of Neo-Nazis, consistent struggles with sexual assault, mass shootings, or the ever-present uncertainty of the next presidential tweet, higher education practitioners and student leaders must remain alert and prepared to build programming that supports their communities appropriately. This workshop intermingles case studies, simulations, and group dialogue in efforts to provide participants a substantial tool kit for crafting impactful reactionary programming to suit their campuses needs in time of division, crisis, or direst.


Office for Diversity and Inclusion (primary), UConn Master Calendar, Women's Center

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