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MCB Seminar Series: Olga Anczukow, Ph.D.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
3:15pm – 4:30pm

Storrs Campus
BPB 130

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology Seminar Series welcomes Dr. Olga Anczukow, Assistant Professor, Jackson Laboratory of Genomic Medicine.

"Misregulation of splicing factors in breast cancer" Alternative RNA splicing is a key step in gene expression regulation and contributes to proteomic and functional diversity. Our lab studies the splicing machinery and its misregulation in human tumors, with the goal of identifying novel tumor biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Dr. Olga Anczukow's lab investigates how changes in RNA splicing contribute to cancer, with the goal of developing novel therapeutic strategies to target splicing alterations and their regulators. Dr. Anczuków’s interest in RNA splicing started during her Ph.D. at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France. Her research characterized the effect of mutations in breast-cancer-predisposing genes on RNA splicing and stability, and contributed to improving the molecular diagnosis and classification of hereditary breast cancers. As a Postdoctoral Fellow and then Senior Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, she demonstrated that splicing regulators are frequently expressed at high levels in human breast tumors and contribute to cancer initiation and metastasis. Using RNA sequencing and 3D organoid models of breast cancer, she identified and validated novel targets of the oncogenic splicing factor SRSF1. In addition, she demonstrated that RNA-based therapeutics can correct aberrant splicing defects caused by a BRCA2 mutation in hereditary breast cancer. At The Jackson Laboratory, she uses patient-derived organoids, mouse models, and next-generation RNA-sequencing to identify alterations in RNA splicing that contribute to tumor initiation, metastasis, and drug resistance in breast cancer.

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