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Historic and Green - A New Climate Agenda

Friday, January 24, 2020
8:30am – 3:30pm

Law School
William F Starr Hall

Historic preservation is, at its core, an exercise in sustainability. Older buildings are often energy-efficient, made with renewable materials (such as wood or brick), and longer-lasting. Moreover, maintaining an existing structure avoids the environmental costs of replacing it with new construction. Despite their environmental benefits, Connecticut’s historic places face unprecedented threats, including climate change and needless demolition. Preservationists must recognize that in the face of these threats, not everything can be preserved. At the same time, preservationists must build consensus for changes to law and policy that protect historic places in service of environmental goals. This UConn Law School conference, cosponsored by Preservation Connecticut and the State Historic Preservation Office, aims to craft a statewide policy agenda that recognizes preservation as a fundamental environmental value. Panels will focus on: Documenting the status of and threats to historic sites; Reducing potential damage to historic places through performance, construction, and siting standards; and Ensuring that disaster response encompasses historical and cultural resources at all levels, from planning to recovery.


Deb King

Law School (primary)

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