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S20/12 Native Trees (and some Shrubs) for Landscape Use

Saturday, January 18, 2020
10:00am – 1:00pm

Hartford County Extension Center, Exchange Building, Suite 262, 270 Farmington Ave. Farmington, CT 06032

We continue to learn just how important creating/maintaining native habitat is for a healthy ecology. Native plants are critical to the health of our insect and bird populations, but there can be a couple of stumbling blocks to incorporating them into our more managed garden spaces. First, what does native mean? Second, which plants work well in a more managed situations, offering both aesthetic and native benefits? In this session, horticulturist Kevin Wilcox will specifically discuss trees that are up to the task in a variety of cultural conditions. Since he ran out of time in last fall’s class, he will start with the shrubs he didn’t get to and then introduce the trees.


Sarah Bailey,

Extension (primary), College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, UConn Master Calendar

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