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UConn Stamford MLK Leadership Conference

Monday, January 20, 2020
9:30am – 4:30pm

Stamford Campus

During this day, we will offer a variety of leadership workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to select which sessions they wish to attend, based on their individual goals/objectives. Full workshop schedule will be provided at the Conference check in. The workshops offered will be in a few categories:

• Personal Development: these workshops focus on YOU. Who you are as a person, leader, and help you prepare for future leadership/personal/professional steps. These workshops are recommended for all student, regardless of their role in your organization: new/emerging students, as well as seasoned leaders will benefit from the workshops.

• Organizational development: these workshops focus on helping your organization continue to grow. Any student leader/emerging leaders will benefit from these workshops.

• Required SOLID Workshops: if you are a new RSO leaders, you can complete the required SOLID workshops during the conference.

This is an Honors Event. Categories: Career, Professional, & Personal Development



Gayle Riquier,

Honors Program (primary)

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