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A Basic Guide to Understanding Health Insurance

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
2:30pm – 3:15pm

Storrs Campus
Buckley Classroom

Health insurance is a very intimidating thing to think about, yet no one ever really tells us how to shop for, navigate, or utilize something that is so crucial to our health and lives. While the Affordable Care Act brought many beneficial changes to health insurance policies, most people are still uninsured and uniformed. This session will be a brief overview of all the benefits of health insurance, how to choose the right plan for you, and what to do after you have health insurance. Join us for this presentation and gain the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for yourself and your family when it comes to your healthcare.

This is an Honors Event. Categories: Career, Professional, & Personal Development



Sarah Mongillo,

Honors Program (primary)

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