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Logic Colloquium: Eno Agolli

Friday, February 21, 2020
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Storrs Campus
Oak 110

Join us for a talk by Éno Agolli (UConn) in the Logic Colloquium!

Éno Agolli (UConn)

Logical Nihilism

Logical nihilism is the view that there is no logic, or more precisely that no single, universal consequence relation governs natural language reasoning. Here, I present three different arguments for logical nihilism from philosophically palatable premises. The first argument comes from a combination of pluralism with the desideratum that logical consequence should be universal, properly understood. The second argument is a slippery slope argument against monists who support weak logical systems on account of their power to characterize a vast range of true theories. The third argument is a general strategy of generating counterexamples to any inference rule, including purportedly fundamental ones such as disjunction introduction. I close by discussing why a truth-conditional approach to the meaning of the logical connectives not only does not force us to reject such counterexamples but also reveals that right truth-conditions are far more general than the classical ones, at the price of nihilism.

All welcome!


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