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Graduate Student Seminar

Friday, March 13, 2020
12:15pm – 1:15pm

Storrs Campus

Prof. A. Wuosmaa, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut

Exotic Nuclei – Modern Directions in Nuclear Physics

The study of so-called “exotic nuclei” – atomic nuclei with a large imbalance between the number of neutrons and protons – is a major focus of nuclear-physics research today. Our understanding of the structure of nuclei far from stability is rather poor in comparison to what we know about stable nuclei, and that knowledge is important for understanding, for example, violent events in the cosmos responsible for the synthesis of the chemical elements. I will discuss some basics of nuclear structure, some examples where nuclear structure influences astrophysics, and how we can study the properties of exotic nuclei in the laboratory. Finally, I will describe a new accelerator facility that will be completed within the next two years which will enable a deeper understanding of the properties of exotic nuclei and will provide many new opportunities for research.


Prof. V. Kharchenko

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