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Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Kemal Tezgin

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
1:00pm – 2:30pm

Storrs Campus

Theoretical and Phenomenological Studies of the Nucleon Structure in High Energy Reactions

In high energy collisions, Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) are fundamental objects to describe one-dimensional collinear momentum distributions of partons (quarks, anti-quarks, and gluons) inside the nucleon. In addition to PDFs, Generalized Parton Distribution Functions (GPDs) also carry information on the distribution of partons in the transverse plane to its motion and allow us to access the three-dimensional structure of the nucleon. On the other hand, energy-momentum tensor (EMT) densities allow us to access the pressure, shear forces, and angular momentum density inside the nucleon. The goal of this thesis is to deepen our understanding of the three-dimensional structure of the nucleon. We investigate energy-momentum tensor (EMT) form factors and densities, and all leading-twist GPDs in the bag model, formulated in the large-N_c limit. We also evaluate all leading-twist chiral-odd GPDs of the relativistic nucleon in the bag model. The consistency of this quark model allows us to investigate many general concepts that have recently attracted interest, including pressure, shear forces, and angular momentum density. Another important aspect of this thesis is to discuss that the monopole and quadrupole contributions to the angular momentum density can be generated from each other uniquely in a model-independent way. The last chapter is dedicated to the phenomenology of GPDs and the Goloskokov-Kroll model’s implementation in the PARTONS framework for pseudoscalar meson production in exclusive processes.


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