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PDE And Differential Geometry Seminar, Gunhee Cho (UConn)

Monday, November 30, 2020
2:30pm – 3:30pm


Speaker: Gunhee Cho (UConn)

Title: Equivalence of invariant metrics in hyperbolic complex geometry

Abstract: There is a long-standing open conjecture on complex geometry which states that given a complete n-dimensional non-compact simply-connected Kahler manifold M with sectional curvature negatively pinched, such a manifold is biholomorphic to a bounded domain in C^n, and there is a non-constant bounded holomorphic function on M. The recent progress of Wu-Yau theorem shed the light on these conjectures to investigate the equivalence of the invariant metrics including the Bergman metric, the Kahler-Einstein metric, Kobayashi-metric on the classes of pseudoconvex domains. We will have a basic review of the necessary ingredients of Kahler geometry and we will see the very recent progress on relevant those questions. This presentation is to introduce the audience to the research work of the presenter during the ph.d. program.


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