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Puppets' Rights Workshop For Educators

Monday, April 12, 2021
4:00pm – 5:00pm


In the United States, over 2.7 million children (1 in 28) currently have a parent who is incarcerated (Prison Fellowship). According to Mariame Kaba, author of Missing Daddy, “many children cannot articulate their feelings of longing for their incarcerated parent and so they keep their anger, sadness and fear bottled up. This book is my attempt to amplify the voices of children with incarcerated loved ones”. Missing Daddy is written from an anti-bias framework to help children develop positive personal and social identities. It’s a story where the “young narrators father goes to prison when she is just three years old. Sometimes her classmates are cruel, but she is surrounded by a loving family, an understanding teacher and counselor. This poignant book will not only help young children who find themselves in a similar circumstance, but will also help sensitize classmates and educators themselves. Missing Daddy is a warm and necessary book” -Rethinking Schools

For our third puppetry workshop, Neda Izadi will feature the book Missing Daddy by Mariame Kaba and illustrated by Bria Royal to highlight the importance of dignity and respect for all families. Recognizing that family dynamics and structures differ, and families themselves often face varying challenges, this workshop presents an opportunity to talk about and celebrate each of our unique family structures.

During the workshop, we will learn how to make finger puppets and sock puppets. These two techniques are very similar and simple in terms of construction and materials, and doable with students in the classroom. Students can learn both techniques then make characters based on either sock or finger puppets. Neda will use everyday household items that are easily accessible/recycled materials. Educators and people of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Participating educators in the workshop (upon request) will receive their own kit which includes materials to create their own show for the classroom.

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