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Astronomy Seminar

Wednesday, March 24, 2021
11:00am – 12:00pm

Storrs Campus

Dr. Philipp Mösta, University of Amsterdam

Magnetic fields, jets, and turbulence in the multimessenger era

Magnetic fields, turbulence, and jet-driven outflows play a critical role in core-collapse supernovae and compact-object mergers. These transients belong to the most luminous and energetic events observed in the universe and are key targets for time-domain astronomy surveys. I will discuss the unique challenges in both input physics and computational modeling for these systems involving all four fundamental forces and highlight recent breakthroughs in full 3D simulations. I will pay particular attention to how these simulations can be used to reveal the engines driving these events and conclude by discussing what remains to be done to maximize what we can learn from current and future time-domain transient survey


Prof. C. Faesi

Physics Department (primary), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UConn Master Calendar

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