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CCAM Seminar Series - Simon Mitchell

Thursday, May 13, 2021
12:00pm – 1:00pm

UConn Health

CCAM Seminar Series Speaker: Simon Mitchell Host: Dr. Pedro Mendes Title: "Systems Biology of B-Cells in health and lymphoma" Abstract: Treatment of Diffuse large B-cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) is challenged by vast patient-to-patient heterogeneity. Despite our rapidly increasing understanding of the signalling networks controlling B-cell fates in health and disease, and a growing collection of targeted therapeutic approaches becoming available, the standard front-line therapy has remained unchanged for more than a decade. The challenge lies in bridging the scales from mutations, through signalling networks, to cell fates and disease outcomes. Computational systems biology simulations of Nuclear Factor KappaB (NF-kB) control over healthy B-cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, accurately predict experimental results with accuracy at both single-cell and cell-population scale. Through these computational systems biology simulations of B-cell fates, we identified that although NF-kB subunit cRel drives B-cell proliferation, it also blocks terminal differentiation to antibody-secreting plasma cells; dynamic downregulation of cRel by Blimp1 is a pre-requisite for differentiation. Moving from health to lymphoma, by incorporating commonly occurring mutations found in DLBCL into these simulations, revealed emergent phenotypes consistent with clinical classifications. These mutation-specific simulations of DLBCL represent in silico laboratories where biomarkers and therapeutic targets can be identified for DLBCL and provide a tool to get the right treatments into the right patients. Meeting link:  Meeting number:120 655 4324 Password:trHz76R3UJb More ways to join Join by video system Dial You can also dial and enter your meeting number. Join by phone+1-415-655-0002 US Toll Access code: 120 655 4324 Global call-in numbers



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