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Special Nuclear Physics Seminar

Thursday, May 6, 2021
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Storrs Campus

Burcu Duran

Temple University


A Search for the LHCb's Charm Pentaquarks: A Resonance or Else?


A priori nothing prohibits the existence of exotic hadrons in QCD. How- ever, for the particular case of the elusive pentaquarks, more than forty years of experimental observations ended up being inconclusive leaving the scientific community wondering whether they really exist. The LHCb collaboration's an- nouncement on the two new pentaquark states with heavy quark content in 2015 revived the interest in the pentaquark search that waned for a moment after the previous claims at the turn of the millennium turned out to be spurious. Four years after the initial discovery announcement, the LHCb collaboration released new results conrming their previous observation while resolving one previously observed pentaquark state into a double-peak structure and discov- ering another resonant structure at a lower invariant mass. Today, the true nature of the LHCb's hidden charm pentaquarks is still unknown as the obser- vation hasn't been verified in an independent experiment. My talk will focus on the E12-16-007 experiment that ran in Hall C at Jefferson Lab and measured the cross section of J/psi photo-production in the kinematic region of the LHCb hidden-charm pentaquark states. The experiment used a high-intensity real photon beam generated by a 10.6 GeV incident electron beam traversing a copper radiator upstream of a liquid hydrogen target. The two high momentum spectrometers of Hall C, HMS, and SHMS were used to detect the e+e- and mu+/mu- di-lepton J/psi decay pairs in coincidence. The spectrometers momentum and angle settings scan a photon beam energy range between 9.1 GeV and 10.6 GeV and |t| up to 5 GeV^2 where the sensitivity to the pentaquarks should be maximal. This talk will give an overview of the E12-16-007 experiment, its analysis procedure, and the preliminary results.


Prof. Andrew Puckett

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