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Helping Students To Be Better Prepared To Succeed

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
10:00am – 11:00am


Participants will leave with specific strategies for identifying students who may have gaps in their knowledge in key areas, specifically areas in which they are less than fully prepared to be successful, as well as strategies for bringing the students up to speed. We will discuss topics such as: • Turn it around: Consider how an unprepared or underprepared student feels • Assessing how prepared students are (quick, ungraded pretest, short writing assignment, small group then whole group discussion…) • Determining what needs to be done to bring them “up to speed” • Your responsibility, theirs, some of each? • The role of feedback. Types of feedback. The importance of feedback- read and comment upon rough drafts, have checkpoints for projects and actually check them • Freshmen in particular • On campus sources- the Writing Center, tutoring services, Q center,, the library… • Working in small groups, peer editing, peer feedback in general… • Study groups for test prep; groups that meet regularly throughout the semester • Consider giving work done early in the semester less value in grading: 1st test- 20%, 2nd test 30%, Final 40%, quizzes, HW, class participation 10%- something like that. Register -


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