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Application Deadline: InsurTech Venturing Course

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
11:58pm – 11:59pm


Students will attend a weekly 3-credit course to gain knowledge about the foundations of the InsurTech industry and will develop entrepreneurial skills within the realms of InsurTech. This provides opportunities for students to analyze related case studies and listen to speakers that have experience in the InsurTech industry. Students will gain an understanding of the differences between traditional insurance and InsurTech business strategies. This course is only open to full-time UConn or the University of Hartford students.

For more information and to apply, please visit:


Michaela Hartl,

Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (primary), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Economics, Finance Department, Honors Program, Individulized and Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Management Department, Marketing Department, School of Business, UConn Master Calendar, Werth Institute

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