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The Coloniality of Law in the US and Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' Contexts

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
3:00pm – 5:45pm

Storrs Campus
Dodd Conference Room 162

With generous co-sponsorship from ELIN, IIREP, GERM, GLOBAL AFFAIRS, HRI, LAW, NAIS, PHIL, and SOCI. . . "The Coloniality of Law in the US and Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' Contexts," Fernanda Frizzo Bragato, Unisinos Law School (Brazil)

How and why does law undermine Indigenous rights in the US and Brazil? Legal rules and legal adjudication enable a broad range of deprivations in Indigenous rights to continue the colonial project.

About speaker: Fernanda Frizzo Bragato, CNPq research & full professor of Law, teaches and supervises undergraduate and graduate students. Since 2015, her work has focused on Indigenous land rights/conflicts in Brazil in the context of risk for atrocities. She is the editor of "The Legal content of Human Rights: Civil and Political Rights in the International Instruments," the first handbook in Brazilian Portuguese to compile the primary international human rights standards.

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